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Kickboxing (semi and full contact)
My students have won competitions at National and International level in Freestyle Kickboxing and Chinese Full Contact Sanda, also in Muay Thai at the Kings Cup in Thailand.
British, European and World Champion Students of whom I am very proud.

Seven Stars Anglo Celtic Stick Fighting
A practical, stick-based fighting system. A stick fighting system based on Eastern and Western techniques. Using sticks ranging from 6 inches to 6ft but specialising in 3ft Celtic Heavy Stick (mostly Blackthorn). Incorporating routines, strikes, locks and throws. Also involving kicks, punches elbows etc. A very practical system. Stick Fighting was practised in many countries throughout history. I draw on English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, European and Asian traditions.

Anglo Celtic Martial Arts
This system incorporates striking, locking and throwing, shoot wrestling, ground grappling and ancient and modern weapons. Anglo Celtic Martial Arts Association keeps alive the martial heritage and traditions practised by the people of England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the people of Europe. The history is long and varied from Celtic, Viking, Anglo-Saxon etc. This is a practical, NOT a sport based, martial art system.


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