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My Japanese Martial Skills include many styles focusing mainly on Karate.
I have always studied, practised and taught my Japanese skills from a practical aspect I have never been interested in the sporting side. I worked in real world security for many years surviving and flourishing by using these skills. I have an impeccable, long and documented history and my Japanese styles senseis have an impeccable lineage.

I started Judo at the age of 8yrs old and have studied it ever since. I studied Aikido and Iaedo under the great Shihan Terry Ezra for several years. I studied JuJitsu on Merseyside for a several years. I studied Combat Israeli Jujitsu with Sensei O. Ambar who visited Britain to study under me but was kind enough to grade me 3rd dan within his Israeli system. I initially studied Shotokan Karate with Sensei Michael O’Riley from the Red Triangle for many years and he was a very great influence on me. Through him I studied under Sensei Frank Vernon of the Red Triangle. My other early Karate and Kobudo Influences include Sensei D. Davies (Shotokan) (great influence), Sensei Gary Spiers (Goju Ryu) (great influence), Sensei Dave Scott (Uechi Ryu), Sensei D. Martin (Goju Ryu), Sensei T. O’Neill (Shotokan) (greatest influence), Sensei D. Connor (Wado Ryu) (greatest influence). I graded from 1st to 5th dan with the great Sensei Danny Connor of the BKA

I started Chien Karate Club in 1974. In 1978, I formed Wirral Karate Association. In the early 1980’s, I established “Zhan You” (Battle Companions) Full Contact Karate Squad as the Full Contact Squad within Wirral Karate Association. In 1989, I formed Transformers Freestyle Karate Squad. Although I have never been interested in Sports Karate, (my interest is purely practical), my students won British individual and team Kumite titles at the British Karate Association National Tournaments.
I currently pass on this knowledge through my Ikken Hissatsu Karate Club. This was formed in 2015 at the request of my students. It is a very practical Karate system, focusing on severe techniques, but incorporating Katas from Shotokan (my first Karate style), other Karate styles, and in keeping with the origin of Karate, some Chinese Kata.

I am grateful to my early Karate Senseis for their teachings and to my friend the great Sensei Terry O’Neill for his support.


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