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Curriculum Vitae

Brian J McKinney – Great Britain
Professional Combat & Health Exercise Instructor
Combat Arts : Healing Arts
7th degree Black Belt
Motto: “Nemo Me Impune Lacessit” (No-one attacks me and goes unpunished)

President: Seven Stars Martial Arts Association (World)
Diploma: Beijing Institute of Physical Education (Wushu Department) 1987
Founder Fellow: Society of Martial Arts F.F.S.M.A. (Great Britain) 1999
Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame: Legend 2013
Founder: Chivalric Order of the Honourable Warrior 2017
Chairman: Mersey Amateur Boxing Club 2017

Director & Master Instructor: Seven Stars Martial Arts Academy
Eastham, Wirral CH62 0BL
Director & Master Instructor: Seven Stars Combat Academy “The Iron Box”
Birkenhead, Wirral CH41 2RN
Tel: 0151 327 8060
email: info@sevenstars.uk.net

Founder: Big Sky Vajrayana Meditation Circle 1973

Founder: Chien Combat Karate Association 1974

Founder: Tai Chi Circle G.B. 1976

Founding President: Seven Stars Martial Arts Association 1978

Founding President: British Tai Chi Association 1978

Founder: Wirral Martial Arts Association 1978

Founder: Wirral Tai Chi Association 1978

British Qigong Association est 1978
Flowing Diamond Qigong
Big Sky Qigong
Touch Earth Qigong
(Wirral Qigong Association) 1978

Founder: Ikken Hissatsu Karate (Wirral Karate Association) 1978

Founder: Wirral Kickboxing Association 1978

Founding President: Chinese Wushu Research Institute G.B. 1987

Founder: White Crane Taijiquan G.B. 1987

Founder: White Tiger Wushu G.B. 1987

Founder: Eagle Bear Kickboxing 1987

Founder: Great Bear Sanda G.B. 1987

President: British Jing Wu Athletic Association 1988

President: British Dong Yue Taijiquan Association 2008

Founder: Seven Stars Anglo Celtic Stick Fighters 2012

Founding President: Anglo Celtic Martial Arts Association 2012

Founder: Arabian Leopard Martial Arts Association (Kuwait) 2012

Founder: Chivalric Order of the Honourable Warrior 2017

I have several qualified Instructors both male and female who teach within my academy. I have personally taught these instructors. They are skilled in a variety of disciplines. I always consider myself a student of the arts and hopefully, continue to learn and grow. What you could learn by studying under my guidance….

I teach two main aspects of the Arts…
1. Combat
2. Physical/Spirit Health

My combat teaching is in three aspects…

1. Japanese Martial Arts
My Japanese Martial Skills include many styles focusing mainly on Karate.
I have always studied, practised and taught my Japanese skills from a practical aspect I have never been interested in the sporting side. I worked in real-world security for many years surviving and flourishing by using these skills. I have an impeccable, long and documented history and my Japanese styles senseis have an impeccable lineage.

My styles:
I started Judo at the age of 8yrs old and have studied it ever since. I studied Aikido and laedo under the great Shihan Terry Ezra for several years. I studied JuJitsu on Merseyside for several years. I studied Combat Israeli Jujitsu with Sensei O. Ambar who visited Britain to study under me but was kind enough to grade me 3rd dan within his Israeli system. I initially studied Shotokan Karate with Sensei Michael O’Riley from the Red Triangle for many years and he was a very great influence on me. Through him, I studied under Sensei Frank Vernon of the Red Triangle. My other early Karate and Kobudo Influences include Sensei D. Davies (Shotokan) (great influence), Sensei Gary Spiers (Goju Ryu) (great influence), Sensei Dave Scott (Uechi Ryu), Sensei D. Martin (Goju Ryu), Sensei T. O’Neill (Shotokan) (greatest influence), Sensei D. Connor (Wado Ryu) (greatest influence). I graded from 1st to 5th dan with the great Sensei Danny Connor of the BKA.

I started Chien Karate Club in 1974. In 1978, I formed Wirral Karate Association. In the early 1980’s, I established “Zhan You” (Battle Companions) Full Contact Karate Squad as the Full Contact Squad within Wirral Karate Association. In 1989, I formed Transformers Freestyle Karate Squad. Although I have never been interested in Sports Karate, (my interest is purely practical), my students won British individual and team Kumite titles at the British Karate Association National Tournaments.

I currently pass on this knowledge through my Ikken Hissatsu Karate Club. This was formed in 2015 at the request of my students. It is a very practical Karate system, focusing on severe techniques, but incorporating Katas from Shotokan (my first Karate style), other Karate styles, and in keeping with the origin of Karate, some Chinese Kata.
I am grateful to my early Karate Senseis for their teachings and to my friend the great Sensei Terry O’Neill for his support.

2. Chinese Martial Arts
I have studied and teach many styles of Shaolin Wushu and Kung Fu. My Chinese system is a practical fighting system with many routines. It incorporates External (Wei Jia) and Internal (Nei Jia) schools. Included are the styles of Northern and Southern Shaolin, Changquan, Nanquan, Zhaquan, Taijiquan, Baqua Quan, Hsing-I Quan, Weapons etc. also Sanda (which is full contact sparring with throws).

My main (there are others to whom I am grateful) living Chinese Masters are:
Master Xu Hao – Peoples Republic of China –Highly graded Wushu Professor from Chengdu University. In 1987 Professor Hao accepted me as a “Men Nei Di Zi” (Closed Door Personal Student)
Master Hao is very precious to me.

Master Han Jin Song – Peoples Republic of China – Highly graded Wushu Professor from Beijing University. In 1987 Professor Han accepted me as a “Men Nei Di Zi” (Closed Door Personal Student)
Grandmaster Men Hui Feng – Peoples Republic of China.
Master Han is very precious to me.

Professor Men Hui Feng is one of the most accomplished and famous Wushu Masters in the world. He is a university professor of Wushu to the University of Beijing and is named by the Chinese government as one of the top 10 practitioners in the world. Professor Men formulates the arrest and restraint, unarmed combat system for the Chinese (PLA) army and security forces.

He is famous for creating the Sun Style Chinese National Competition Form, the 48 step combined taijiquan and the 42 step International competition taijiquan form and taijijian (taiji sword) forms.

In 2000 he created and launched Dong Yue Style Taiji. The Chinese government had asked him to formulate a new style of taiji to celebrate the millennium. On 01/01/2008 Professor Men performed the new taiji on the summit of Mount Dong Yue (a holy mountain in China). It was filmed live by Chinese military helicopters and broadcast across Asia to 1.4 billion people.

In 2008 Professor Men accepted me as a “Men Nei Di Zi” (Closed Door Personal Student) and appointed me as President of the British branch of Dong Yue Taijiquan Association. I first met Professor Men in 1986/7 in Beijing where I was studying Taijiquan and Wushu.
Grandmaster Gan Gui Xiang – Peoples Republic of China – My Chen Style Taijiquan Master

Professor Gan Gui Xiang is the wife of Grandmaster Men Hui Feng and is famous for creating one of the most popular forms of taijiquan, the Chen Style competition form. She was named by China as one of the current generation of Chen style taijiquan grandmasters (there were 6 masters named). She also had a significant contribution to the composition of the recent Dong Yue Style Taijiquan created by Men Hui Feng.) In 2008 Professor Gan accepted me as a “Men Nei Di Zi” (Closed Door Personal Student). I first met Professor Gan in 1986/7 in Beijing where I was studying Taijiquan and Wushu.

I have had several other Chinese Masters who sadly are now deceased but to whom I owe a debt of gratitude. They include, but not limited to, Grandmaster Jifu Huang of British Jing Wu Association. Professor Huang was of immense help to me and I miss him dearly. Professor Zhang Zheng Huang of Chinese Wushu Association Beijing. He was one of the group that demonstrated Wushu for the first time outside China at the 1936 Olympic games at the request of Adolf Hitler. They are still in my heart and my teachings. I pass on this lineage through my Wushu/ Kung Fu classes.

Sporting aspect…My students have won competitions at National and International level in wushu, tai chi and weapons in the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts National Tournaments. My students have also won first places in International Tournaments.
British, European and World Champion Students of whom I am very proud.

3. Western Martial Arts

Kickboxing (semi and full contact)
My students have won competitions at National and International level in Freestyle Kickboxing and Chinese Full Contact Sanda, also in Muay Thai at the Kings Cup in Thailand.
British, European and World Champion Students of whom I am very proud.

Seven Stars Anglo Celtic Stick Fighting
A practical, stick based fighting system. A stick fighting system based on Eastern and Western techniques. Using sticks ranging from 6 inches to 6ft but specialising in 3ft Celtic Heavy Stick (mostly Blackthorn). Incorporating routines, strikes, locks and throws. Also involving kicks, punches elbows etc. A very practical system. Stick Fighting was practised in many countries throughout history. I draw on English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, European and Asian traditions.

MCK49 Close Quarter Combatives
I am M.D. of my own security, bodyguard and military combat training company which has existed for many years. I am an Instructor to British Military Special Forces 🇬🇧 and have been recognised & honoured for my service.
I advise and teach civilian, military and security personnel and agencies from around the world. I teach in the form of Seminars. The Seminars include, Bodyguard Skills, Restraints, CQB, Shoot Wrestling, Security & Military Combat, Weapons, Fitness Training, Strength Training.

Healing Arts:
My Physical/Spirit Health teaching has both Eastern and Western origins

I studied various systems from an early age and studied Psychology at Liverpool University.

I taught classes and Seminars in Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Healing even before I taught Martial Arts. I studied and taught various Yoga and Awareness systems learned through my Masters. I taught under my name Karma Dondrub Puntso. This was my name bestowed on me by my Tibetan Guru Rinpoche. I studied with, and received Initiation from this, very famous and enlightened, Tibetan Buddhist Kagyu Lineage Master. I studied the Vajrayana System. I am eternally grateful to my Master.

I also studied various systems with Western (Celtic/Drui), Eastern (Qigong) and Middle Eastern (Sufi) Masters.
The systems I use and teach incorporate Tai Chi, Qigong, Ling Qi, Yoga, Meditation, Celtic and Drui Work etc. I teach several styles of Tai Chi and Qigong. I pioneered the practice of Qigong and Tai Chi in Britain for the well, the not so well, the young and the elderly. I was the first person in Britain to officially teach Tai Chi therapy in Hospitals. I was invited by a senior hospital consultant in pain relief to formulate a gentle exercise system for sufferers of chronic pain. I taught this at Walton Hospital Pain Relief Centre in Liverpool for many years. This system I blueprinted for use in pain management centres around Britain, I acted as advisor to these other centres for many years I was also commissioned by an international pharmaceutical company to write an exercise booklet for chronic pain sufferers.

This booklet had a first print run of 500,000, and went on to a second run. I appeared on British Television several times to demonstrate Tai Chi, Qigong etc. I also talked live for over an hour on BBC Radio about my exercise system. Around the same time, I appeared on live Sky TV with my late friend Danny Connor demonstrating Tai Chi. This was broadcast live around the world. I formulated a system of Qigong and Tai Chi for Spina Bifida and Paraplegic students. Over the years I have taught my Tai Chi/Qigong system in drug rehabilitation units, heart rehabilitation units, head injury units, psychiatric units, special needs units, elderly homes, schools, ballet schools, martial arts schools, in large corporations etc. etc.

These days there are many clubs to choose from, some may suit you better.
Should you wish to choose mine, then…..

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”…
Should you wish to take that step…
Phone 0151 327 8060 and speak to Seven Stars Manager Claire, who will book you into a class.


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