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Master Brian J McKinney – Great Britain

Professional Combat & Health Exercise Instructor
Combat Arts | Healing Arts
7th degree Black Belt President: Seven Stars Martial Arts Association (World)
Diploma: Beijing Institute of Physical Education (Wushu Department) 1987
Founder Fellow: Society of Martial Arts F.F.S.M.A. (Great Britain) 1999
Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame: Legend 2013
Founder: Chivalric Order of the Honourable Warrior 2017
Chairman: Mersey Amateur Boxing Club 2017

Motto: “Nemo Me Impune Lacessit” (No-one attacks me and goes unpunished)

A short Introduction…

My Name is Brian McKinney.

Hometown: Birkenhead, Merseyside, Great Britain.

Professional Combat & Health Exercise Instructor since 1974.

If you are a decent, honest soul who wishes to start or continue a self-improvement journey then apply to become my student.

I have spent my life-time studying and teaching the “Art”.

I can teach you…

1: Close Quarter Combat (I am an Instructor to British Military Special Forces 🇬🇧 and have been recognised & honoured for my service).

2: Chinese Kung Fu.. I studied in the People’s Republic of China 🇨🇳 I have as my Masters the most skilled of Chinese martial artists. I am highly graded with them and was awarded the title “Master” in 1990 by Grandmaster Jifu Huang…

3: Japanese Karate .. 🇯🇵 I have a formidable reputation and long documented history in this field. My Ikken Hissatsu Karate class is both traditional and practical.

4: The Healing Arts…I was and am a pioneer of Tai Chi and Qigong Chinese Health Exercise and I am internationally recognised. I was the first person outside China to teach it in Western hospitals. Alongside this I have studied and taught meditation, having myself studied and received initiation from one of the highest recognised Tibetan Buddhist Masters.

I teach in classes and in private sessions.

I am based in my Seven Stars Martial Arts Academy in Eastham Wirral. This is not a sports centre, it is a private, members only, professional martial arts and healing arts centre of excellence.

My students are a group of friendly decent human beings who will welcome you in as family. Young or Old.. Well or not so Well .. Fit or not Fit…all are welcome.. all I require is that you are also are a decent, down to earth soul who has a desire to improve yourself and will act both within the club and outside the club in a manner that will honour the club and your training and not dishonour it.

I look forward to seeing you for training and a brew 🙏🏻 😎X

Brian J McKinney

These days there are many clubs to choose from, some may suit you better.
Should you wish to choose mine, then…..

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”…
Should you wish to take that step…

Phone 0151 327 8060 and speak to Seven Stars Manager Claire, who will book you into a class.


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