Master Brian McKinney F.F.S.M.A.

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Master McKinney & Brian Doyle
Master McKinney & D.HD.H in Country
"My association with Brian McKinney and his Tai Chi community at Eastham began in 2007. Nearly 15 years beforehand I had been diagnosed as having Parkinson's disease. I was having trouble with my mobility and my balance and I had heard on the grapevine that the Tai Chi exercise regime might help me fight back. I found his premises on the net and went along. I was welcomed and invited to watch some beginners activities. I knew instinctively that this was the place for me. I also knew instinctively, that a special atmosphere permeated the building, the staff and students. And that although they all contributed to this "specialness", it was generated and promulgated by someone very gifted, The Master. He and his associates, and the building they occupy are like an outpost of decency, civility and care in a world being devoured by self-interest, disinterest and greed.
I am accustomed to having my condition assessed by many kind and capable people. Some of them have made use of x-ray machines, ECG machines, scanners etc. The Master asked me to walk across the room. He watched. And then began my elementary exercise regime under the watchful eyes of the Master and Claire, one of the teachers. I have never looked back. He is a remarkable man."

2012 Brian Doyle.

"When you hear about a man that has seen it, done it, and bares the scars to prove it, you can sometimes dismiss people's sycophantic explanations. Master Mac is an exception to this. He really has got the t-shirts, the photos and the lineage that is second to none.

I first trained under Master McKinney after leaving the military in 2001. And I have returned, recommended and sent students to Master Mac's family tutelage for over ten years and have absolutely no hesitation continuing to do this.
Many of Master Mac's senior students have gone on to become World Champion Martial Artists and world class Instructors in their own right. However, we all return home to him for advice, wisdom, knowledge and sometimes a well needed kick up the bum!

As an International Close Protection Officer, serving in some of the world's most troubled arenas such as Iraq and Afghanistan, I need to be at the top of my game to ensure the safety of my clients. Master Mac takes me back to basics every time. I have the ability to glean years of constantly drilled experience from him, not only increasing my ability to react accordingly to a dangerous situation, but to have an almost sixth sense to pre-empt and avoid danger.
I truly believe that without my years of Martial Arts training, I would not possess these skills.
Master Mac has a very cool, calm and quiet approach to teaching. However, never take politeness as weakness. He is a man who does not have to raise his voice. He commands the respect of all."
To quote from Sun Tzu's, The Art of War:

"A leader leads by example, not by force."

2012 DH
I would like to write a sentence or two about my great friend of many years, Master Brian J McKinney. We both grew up in the rough dockside neighbourhoods on the side of Liverpool's River Mersey. I worked alongside Brian for many years as a nightclub bouncer in the tough local security industry and I have also trained under his expert guidance in Martial Arts.
I can say with hand on heart that Brian is one of the nicest quietest men around - until crossed! Then he becomes the toughest man that I personally have ever met! And growing up in the neighbourhoods we did, I have met plenty of really hard men! He says that I am the most naturally strong man he has met but I say he is definitely the toughest!!!
I can also say without fear of contradiction, that in Brian’s chosen sphere in life, his martial arts, he is second to none. He exudes mastery, presence and charisma. He speaks with a gentle quiet voice, which immediately places you at ease and peace. Yet in a martial art situation, when Brian is in "attack mode", such is the "Energy, Power, Aura or Presence" he emanates, that all of us have to step back. He can make people feel uncomfortable with his stare alone. Now I am not talking about impressionable young students here. I'm talking about tough grown men who have "been around" and are no strangers to violence.
Brian is a great friend of mine and I have so much respect for the achievements that he has fought hard for in a martial art career spanning forty plus years. He is, without doubt, still one of the biggest forces in the martial art world and still one of the toughest men you will ever meet. But one heck of a nice man as well!

Respect to you Master Brian J McKinney, from your friend and student.
D A Robinson - Master Bagpiper 2014