Master Brian McKinney F.F.S.M.A.

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Master McKinney & Sensei Terry O'Neil
Master McKinney & Master Alfie Lewis
"I have been a close friend and training partner of Brian McKinney of 40 years I've been present at many of his karate and kick boxing Dan grades awarded by our late great friend and pioneer of British martial arts Danny Connor (founder BKA). I've also been privileged to witness many of Brian's Chinese achievements in Chinese martial arts including his well deserved 7th Degree Black belt in Internal Chinese Martial arts. During this forty year period not only have I been impressed by Brian's martial arts skills but also his tireless work in Tai Chi health exercise for the disabled. We have also worked together throughout the 40 years in a real world security capacity and I have witnessed his devastating practical martial arts abilities. We made, and continue to make a formidable team. I have no hesitation in recommending potential students to train and study with Brian and benefit from his extremely broad spectrum of knowledge of the many martial arts from around the world (gained in his 55 years of full time study and practice of these skills)"
2012 Sensei Terry O'Neill 8th Degree Blackbelt KUGB.
"This is a photo with my self and my friend Brian McKinney. I have known him for more time than I care to go into, he is a true Martial Arts man with a true Budo Spirit, who has served his time back in the day when a Black belt meant something. His lineage can be traced back to my great friend Danny Connor a legend in the martial arts who saw fit to take Brian all the way through his belts to black. If you got your grades from Danny you had to earn them. For me I think his martial arts and his life style are that of a true martial arts master and the martial arts community are that much better for having the likes of him to look up and aspire to be, since in these times of fakes we need to keep hold of our history so we never forget where we are from"
2012 Master Alfie Lewis
World Kickboxing Champion.
Master McKinney & F.K.
Master McKinney & Bernie Price
"I started training under Master McKinney when I was 16 years old, and when I was 21 I left to live and work in remote parts of the world. Those few short years in my early training had a profound effect on my decision making and my ability to navigate life; one phrase that was repeated often in training, especially after an intense session at the club, was "The time is now, you are here". This stayed with me in many situations, particularly in many of the conflict zones I ended up in. 18 years later, even though I live on another continent and continue to work in challenging locations across Africa and Asia. I'm now back training when I can with Master McKinney – that's my testament to the immense depth and wealth of knowledge that he offers to those lucky enough to be instructed and guided by him."
2012 F.K International Bodyguard.
"Master Brian McKinney has been my martial arts Master for many years now. Under his inspiration and unwavering dedication to the world of martial arts I have learned and loved many styles of Tai Chi, Sword, Wushu and Qi Gong to the highest standards.
His teaching, his direction, and his integrity to the origins and lineage of martial arts - and it's applications - are outstanding and second to none.  
As a former world champion athlete myself, one's teacher is absolutely pivotal to one's success, progress and personal development. I can say with compete authenticity that Master McKinney ranks the highest in his field.
I am personally honoured to be his student and part of his thriving martial arts academy. And I completely honour his commitment, his first class teachings and wisdom with heartfelt gratitude."

2012 Bernie Price International Bodybuilding Champion.
(Miss Britain, Miss Europe, Miss World, Miss Universe.).