Master Brian McKinney F.F.S.M.A.

British Martial Arts Master
Martial Arts student since 1958
Meditation teacher since 1974
Full time professional Martial Art, Combat and Taiji instructor since 1978
International expert in Eastern/Western Martial Arts – Ancient and Modern
Director - Seven Stars Physical Arts Academy U.K.
Founding President - Chinese Wushu Research Institute G.B.
President - Seven Stars Martial Arts Association International
Founder Fellow of Society of Martial Arts G.B.
Founder Fellowship Degree - Society of Martial Arts (F.F.S.M.A.)
Diploma in Wushu Beijing Phys Ed. University
7th Degree Black Belt - Combat Neijia Wuyi System
6th Degree Black Belt Wushu - British Jing Wu Association
5th Degree Black Belt Kickboxing - British Kickboxing Association
5th Degree Black Belt Karate - British Karate Association
5th Degree Black Belt Pankration - World Renaissance Pankration Association.
  "Founding President of the Academy, Master Brian McKinney has devoted his life to the teaching and practice of Martial Arts, Tai Chi and Meditation since 1976.
With un-rivalled expertise in these areas, Master McKinney has had an amazing career as a professional Martial Artist. Not only has he coached students to British, European and World Champion status in multiple disciplines, but more importantly his dedication to his students, friends and those less fortunate, has enriched thousands of lives. Master McKinney's down to earth and kind-hearted nature is nothing less than inspiring. He is worlds apart from the shallow conduct we see from many so-called professionals on the Martial Art scene today. He is the real deal. A True Master."
Claire.D (student since 2002)

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British Full-Contact Sanda sparring champions
British Semi-Contact Kung Fu sparring champions
British Kung Fu Forms champions
British Adult Tai Chi: Gold, Silver and Bronze
British Junior Tai Chi: Gold
British Tai Chi Sword: Gold, Silver and Bronze
British Karate Kumite (individual champions: junior, senior and women)
British Karate Kumite (team champions)
British Karate Kata champions (senior)
British Kick Boxing champions
British Junior Wushu champion
World Kickboxing champion
Master McKinney routine stance