Master Brian McKinney F.F.S.M.A.

Master Mckinney Throws aponent
Master McKinney started studying martial arts 55 years ago. Firstly with judo, boxing and British wrestling, then Karate, Kung Fu etc. He has studied various Japanese and Chinese Martial Arts as well as other Martial Arts systems from around the world. He has also studied and become qualified in Wushu and Taichi in The Peoples Republic of China. He is a full time professional instructor. Master McKinney  teaches martial arts that cover Eastern & Western, Ancient & Progressive. The practical aspect of Master McKinney's martial art skills and teaching are well documented. Although Master McKinney always stresses the importance becoming a humane and kind student of Martial Arts, his students are not "paper tigers ". He teaches restraint and self defence techniques to various bodies including security companies, schools and colleges and local government departments.
Master Mckinney Apllied white crane Tai chi
Master Mckinney strikes Lee charles
Martial Arts student since 1958
Meditation teacher since 1974.
Full time professional Martial Arts Instructor since 1978
Director - Seven Stars Physical Arts Academy G.B
President - Chinese Wushu Research Institute G.B.
President - Seven Stars Martial Arts Association International