Master Brian McKinney F.F.S.M.A.


British Martial Arts Master.

Master McKinney Sword
Based in Wirral across the River Mersey from Liverpool
Near the City of Chester in the County of Cheshire, England
Founder Fellow Society of Martial Arts G.B. 1999
Founding President of Chinese Wushu Research Institute G.B. Est. 1987
Founding President Seven Stars Martial Arts Association Est .1978
Director of Diamond Eye Movies G.B.
Master Brian McKinney Knife disarm

Hall of Fame 2013.

  Master Brian McKinney MAI Legend Award  
Master Brian McKinney as featured in a number of articles published in Fighters magazine incl Kickboxing news.
Master Brian McKinney
Master Brian McKinney
Master Brian McKinney
'Upon first meeting Brian McKinney you are impressed with his dedication and very obvious inherent love of the martial arts. He exudes a positive energy that is quite refreshing to find in todays politics ridden martial arts world. His credentials are impeccable from his 5th dan in Karate to his certificate from the Beijing Institute of Physical Education. In a lifetime spent totally immersed in martial arts at all levels, Brian McKinney is a surprisingly laid back guy. His knowledge of the Chinese internal systems of kung fu led him to be responsible for introducing a Tai Chi training programme aimed at pain relief at Walton Hospital Pain Relief Unit in Liverpool. Walton hospital was the first hospital in the west (to my knowledge) to introduce Tai Chi as part of its pain relief programme.'
Peter Lewis: Editor Fighters Magazine incl Kickboxing News 1998.